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Top rated hair dryers of 2014


Women and some men are doing their very best in order to keep their hair looking great, ideal to show around in different circumstances. So, how can you find the most efficient way to keep your hair beautiful? The answer is pretty simple: go through some of the best hair dryers reviews in 2014 and decide which model should become yours. Without the right information you won’t be able to find a great hair dryer, ideal to become a personal hair revitalizer. There’s room for a professional and advanced model, capable of improving your hair follicles, structure and general appearance.


What is the best Hair Dryer – Buying Guide


Women prized themselves with beautiful appearances, irrespective of their location in order to feel the full pleasure of being alive. One of the most important aspects of a woman’s beauty resides on the quality of her hair, how it looks to the outside world and how it is perceived by other people. There are many hair products and devices currently available on the market that need to be present in a well groomed person home but one in particular seems to matter most: hair dryer. According to recent hair saloons statistics it seems that there is a growing interest for high quality hair dryers capable on improving the hair structure appearance. How to find the best hair dryer? Well, the answer to this question will come a lot easier once you’ve read the present hair dryer buying guide, designed to emphasize on the characteristics of some of the top products currently available on the market. It can be quite a shock to realise just how important a simple hair dryer is to your hair’s health.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Price Speed/Heat Settings Color Customer Rating Where to buy

Parlux Eco Friendly 3800

2100W $$$$ 2/4 White A+ AMAZON

BaByliss Pro BABP2800

2000W $$$ 6/6 Black A AMAZON

Remington Ac2015

1875W $$ 2/3 Black B+ AMAZON

Conair 225NP Comfort Touch

1875W $$ 2/3 Black A AMAZON

Revlon RV544PKF

1875W $$ 2/2 White B+ AMAZON


The wrong hair dryer can damage the hair follicle’s structure and implicitly affect the way you look. This is the reason, women want to use a professional hair dryer capable of drying the hair fast and without damaging it. In addition to the simple heating effect, a pro efficient hair dryer can also give the hair a silky and smooth texture, accompanied by a vibrant shine that other people will certainly notice. In the present, more and more women want an ion based dryer, including the highly popular ionic technology known for its positive effects on the hair. Such devices negatively charges air molecules in order to precisely control frizz and shorten the dry period to a minimum.

Another popular hair drier is the ceramic one. Made with special components, ceramic hair dryers evenly distribute heat on the hair and protect the follicles from breaking later on. It’s easy to understand why women seem to be attracted by such devices. Furthermore, ceramic hair dryers come with special attachments that improve the way you take care of your hair. For example: A concentrator nozzle can help you enjoy a smooth blowout even if you have curly hair. Another attachment is the diffuser.

This particular dryer can be used to distribute air without damaging in any way hair texture. How to find the best hair dryer? Well, consider these two types of hair dryers and select one of them in order to make your hair beautiful.

If you are a woman that travels a lot, then the presence of a professional hair dryer is mandatory. So, think of an advanced ion hair dryers with multiple heat options, cool shot and ideal hair care attachments. As you should know by now, travel hair dryers don’t pack a lot of wattage, but they will get the job done. There are small models which you can take with no reservations whatsoever, taking you closer to a beautiful and radiant look. Now, there are some speculations on what constitutes a good hair dryer but you should use the information we provided and determine for yourself, which model deserves to find its way in your home. One thing is absolutely clear: with a high quality hair dryer you will be able to improve your appearance and keep your hair healthy and shiny.


These are the most appreciated hair dryers: 


BaByliss Pro BABP2800 porcelain hair dryer


Best Hair Dryers ReviewsBeauty is very important for any respectable woman. In any woman’s life, the hair appearance needs to have a special glow, maintained be proper temperature and care. So, according to the latest best hair dryers reviews in 2014 you have the possibility to use Pro BABP2800 from BaByliss, a porcelain dryer which seems to revitalize the hair follicles. This professional and commercial porcelain hair dryer features a solid 2000 watt force and ionic technology. This advanced hair dryer emits with precision negative ions that eliminates static and reduces the drying time to a minimum. In addition to the advanced format, this hair dryer will not disappoint you!

“I had a small, not very powerful hair dryer so I decided to get this one and it’s a great change. This one reduces drying time by a ton and makes my hair look good for several days. I don’t find it to be too heavy so it is easy to use and the controls are well placed. I recommend this product.” – Theo Brown

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Conair HH400 Collapsable Bonnet 1875-watt hair dryer


Every woman understands that hair is more than important whenever she goes out for a drink with friends or family. This is why, hair dryers are essential in maintaining a smooth hair care system. According to the top rated hair dryers in 2014, you have the possibility to use with complete confidence Conair HH400 Collapsable Bonnet, a device present in thousands of hair saloons around the world. This powerful dryer offers a smooth and balanced airflow which manages to surround the head in order to dry it evenly. The collapsed unit is only 6 inches high, more than enough to offer a comfortable drying effect.

I have long searched for a reliable hair dryer to take care of my hair structure. Fortunately I came across Conair HH400 which completely changed the way I do my hair. Now, it takes me only a couple of minutes to dry my hair and I can show it off to my friends whenever I go out for drinks and a bit of fun and excitement.” – Lisa McNealy

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Conair 225NP Comfort Touch hair dryer


Top rated hair dryers of 2014Out of the many hair dryers available on the market, Conair managed to create advanced models, used with confidence by thousands of women and men. Most of the present best Conair hair dryer reviews, written by satisfied users emphasize on the functionality of 225NP Comfort Touch that features the highly acclaimed tourmaline ceramic ionic system. This device was designed with tourmaline ceramic and ion technology that promotes a shiny and also healthy looking hair. Once you start using the dryer, you will be able to obtain 75% less frizz. Furthermore the hair dryer emits natural ions for a precise static-free for beautiful hair and no hot spots.

“This is really the best dryer l have ever used. Can see and feel the difference in the way my hair styles after drying. Not too heavy and the controls are placed conveniently to enhance changing the temp and air velocity. This is a very good dryer I recommend it to everyone” – Nellie Coleman

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Revlon RV544PKF 1875W tourmaline hair dryer


Upon reviewing some of the most efficient and popular hair dryers currently available on the market, we recommend you use with confidence RV544PKF from Revlon. As one of the present top rated hair dryers in 2014, this model features a professional watt tourmaline ionic system, ideal for handling different hair follicles. This advanced hair dryer can permit you to obtain the ultimate shine, healthier and volume style for your hair. It features a powerful ion indicator light, speed rocker switches and separate heat control in order to maintain the heating process flowing. The device has an ultra-light design that is 25$ lighter than the average dryers available on the market.

“This is a very good hair dryer. The dryer has Hot/warm, low/high settings and a cool shot. In my opinion, it’s relatively quiet. It also has a vent on the back that you have to clean out, which is a new feature than what I’m used to. I can also tell that my hair looks much shiner after using this product” – Sarah Hedin

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Parlux Eco Friendly 3800 hair dryer


It is very important to have in your beauty arsenal a professional and reliable hair dryer, designed to improve the way your hair looks. Still, finding the proper model can be more than challenging, especially without the right information. Today, a growing number of women and even men are using with trust Parlux Eco Friendly 3800 hair dryer, made out of recyclable materials. We need to think of the environment, no? This powerful hair dryer has a low noise, built with a precise silencer option and is ozone friendly. You have the possibility to select from the 2 speed and 4 temperature settings, needed to personalize the hair’s structure.

 “Great buy. The design is elegant and as pretty to behold as a handheld electric motor and heating element are going to get, but once you hold it, it exudes quality. The dryer as a whole is surprisingly heavy, though not so heavy as to be hard to handle for a person of normal strength.” – Dorothy Woods

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Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon hair dryer


When it comes to professional and advanced hair driers one brand seems to stand tall: Remington. A growing number of the present user testimonials underline the efficiency of Ac2015 Tstudio Salon, a model designed to help you obtain beautiful hair. You will be able to obtain a smooth salon finish, due to the salon quality motor by ceramic pearl technology. This safe and advanced dryer works fast and delivers silk and shiny results, just the way you deserve. It comes with 3 ceramic heat settings, dual speeds and various styling attachments such as straighteners, wands and other heads. It is backed by a solid 4 year warranty!

“This is the best hair dryer I’ve ever had. It is well balanced and easy to hold and wield, buttons smartly placed so they are not in the way, and it does an excellent job of drying my hair. I have had mine for about two years with no problems. I am very pleased with this dryer and I recommend it.” – Rosie Bode

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